"I came to Jill because I was tired of being stuck.  I knew I needed to change but I couldn't see what to change.  I kept repeating the same pattern.  I was surprised that the things I was sure were my priority shifted and when they did, it was like recovering from amnesia.  I'm in the process of deep change.  I've been able to let go of things that I'd tied to my identity and be open to becoming someone so different from who I imagined.  But somehow this person feels like someone I've known all along.  Jill is like a chiropractor for the psyche.  She has helped facilitate in retraining my spirit to reset from injury and properly align."  

~Pilar B


"Craniosacral therapy provides me with the time and space to receive healing.  With busy schedules and lots of to-dos, I find that when I lay down on the table I can stop and just be.  This allows my body to adjust and sort itself out to heal.  What surprises me the most, is how good I feel for days following.  I can feel the healing effects for days after.  Sometimes memories will pop into my head and I realize it is my bodies way of releasing trauma or something I'm holding on to.  I participate in all sorts of healing modalities and always have but craniosacral is one of my favorites.  It provides me with the very deep healing and connection that I desire regularly."

~Shauna Lay, Life Coach & Yoga Instructor


"Jill possesses all the qualities I would ask of a great healing practitioner and teacher.  She is centered and grounded in her own body and connected to the energies of the earth and sky.  Most importantly, she is open to the source of healing which flows through her heart and hands to the recipient.  She is caring and empathetic and possesses the rare quality of humility.  She is a good role model of health through self-care."

~ Diana LaRose, Reiki Master Teacher & Native Spirit Healing